The Basics Of Knitting Stitches

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Knitting is an expression of art, in which the yarn or the piece of thread comprises of pulling loops through each other. This can be done through hand or machine and there are various styles and methods through which one can experiment. There are different types of needles and threads that can change the entire get-up of the material that is being stitched. Without exception to rule, the purl stitch and the knit stitch, are present in every piece of stitched clothing. There are different types of knitting stitches, which will be discussed in the following lines.

Cast on- There are many ways to cast on, and each of them give a slightly varied finish. There are two versions of cast on- one with one needle, thumb cast on and for a slightly neater finish, the two needle cast on.

Cast Off- While knitting stitches, it is important to make a neat finish to give a good edge for sewing together.

Knit Stitch- It is one of the most essentials of knitting. To knit hats or scarves one needs to master knit stitches. These can be knit by using garter stitch. This form of knitting is the one in which every single row is knitted.

Purl Stitch- It is quite opposite to knit stitch. The yarn is held to the front of the knitting and the right needle is inserted from the back to the front into the first stitch on the left needle. The index finger can be used to wind the yarn around and down the right needle in a counter clockwise.

Garter Stitch- It involves every row in flat knitting. It is a very effective form of stitching for beginners. It is often used at the beginning and he end of a row to create flat, non-curling edges.

Ribbing stitch- This form of stitches is usually found at the hems and cuffs of sweaters. It is an elastic form of knitting stitches and is narrower than some other stitches such as stockinette.

Stockinette- It is one of the commonly used knitting patterns. One row is knit, followed by purl in the next, and a repetition of the pattern. They usually curl at the edges when not combined with other stitches such as non-curling, stitch patterns. There are two sides to it, stockinette stitch and the purl side is the reverse stockinette stitch.

There are other kinds of stiches too. For instance to decrease the stitches, or bring the knitting to a halt, the “knit 2 togetherstitch” (k2tog) is used. Since fabric cannot be cut into patterned shapes, knitters can use this method to shape their knitted piece. Another method is the slip stitch technique that is used to decrease by moving a stitch from the left needle to the right without working it. The yarn-over is for introducing holes or open work designs such as shawls which are usually porous.

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