Curl Hair Is The New Hairdo Of Times

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Hair is an important part of a person’s physical appearance. At times, the quantity and quality of hair can make or break an impression. The saying does read as “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” but this may not be applicable in certain professions where one may have to rely on their physical appearances to get by. If not anything else, one can change his or hair style just to break the monotony. One such style that has gained prominence is to curl hair. For people with straight hair, this may add a bit of bounce and volume to hair. Fortunately, there are alternatives to spending huge amount of money in parlours, one can modify their hair style from the comfort of their home.

There are only a few things one may need when one is planning to curl hair. The products required are a blow dryer which is either ceramic or ionic and a comb. For best results, one can use Paul Mitchell Express Ion Dry v.1. When it comes to combs, there are number of professional combs used by hair dressers, which have no seams. This helps in the breakage of hair. For best results, the CERAM-ION Wide Tooth Rat Tail Ionic Comb is a sound recommendation. Then, one may need couple of clips to hold chunks of hair securely. Next a styling product and a thermal protectant which help provide protection from high temperatures of the flat/curling iron. Last, one requires a flat iron preferably with ceramic plates to smooth and fix strands of hair, with rounded plates. Now, that one has gathered the materials for modifying hair, the process may now be started.

Prepare the Hair- Before changing or modifying anything, the hair must be prepared for the transformation. The styling product has to be applied to the wet hair from the roots to the ends. Protectants such as Super Skinny Serum is applied to wet hair, and sprays such as ghd’s creation spray is to protect the hair from high temperatures, right before introducing the curling iron.

Dry- Hair has to be dry before applying heat. Most curling irons claim that they can be used on wet hair, but it may cause some damage to the hair. To curl hair successfully, it is recommended to either blow dry the hair or let it dry naturally.

Nourish and style it

Hair needs to be combed gently to remove tangles

The top 3/4 hair can be clipped with jaw clips, and the remaining 1/4 is left in a fringe around the head

Take some amount of hair and spray ghd’s creation spray, holding the hair 90 degrees away from the scalp.

Holding the air in the same position, the iron needs to be clamped over it. The hair can be turned either 180 degrees or 90 degrees depending on his curl taste.

The iron needs to be pulled through the entire section of the hair, slowly. The slower the iron is pulled, the tighter curls are. This process needs to be repeated as many times as needed.

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