How To Cut Hair?

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For ladies who like to modify their look at the drop of a dime, getting a haircut is one of the fastest and simplest methods to do this. Obviously if the person doing the cutting is not certain of what he/she is doing, your haircut might turn out to be a disaster but luckily hair is always growing. As such although it will require a few months, it is possible for you to recover from a bad haircut, and if required you may cover it up for the meantime.
In any event, a haircut can really do a lot for you when it is done correctly. So here are a few things you should know if you intend to cut your own hair or someone else’s hair. These tips will not make you a master barber at once but with practice you’ll get it.

How To Cut Hair

Required Tools
Required Materials
Spray bottle
Fine-tooth comb
Start with clean, damp hair; a number of individuals prefer to cut their hair while it is dry. But you are more likely to get an even cut when the hair is wet instead of when it is dry. Wrap the towel around your shoulders to protect your clothes from getting wet and use the fine-tooth comb to comb your hair out. See to it that all the hairs are stretched out and even or the cut might look choppy and uneven.
Part your hair where you typically wear it parted and take a small part of hair and pull it straight down using the index and middle finger of one hand. Run the fine-tooth comb through this area to ensure that all the hairs are stretched out and hold the hair firmly between your fingers just above where you are going to cut it. Hold the scissors with your other hand and cut straight across. If any part of your hair dries out before you are finished, use the spray bottle to re-wet your hair before moving on.
If you want layers to add volume to your hair, use the comb and randomly lift sections of hair straight up in the air and cut it straight across. This will make each section a varying length and give the desired layered effect.
You can cut your hair in a ‘V’ or ‘U’ shape if you choose; to do this part your hair in 2 down the middle and look down at the floor. Comb your hair down on either side of your head and cut straight across the bottom of your hair while in this position. The further forward your head is, the deeper the ‘V’ will be, therefore if you wish for a ‘U’ shape look straight ahead and pull the hair straight out in front of your face rather than downward when cutting it.

Make sure to cut straight across with the scissors because cutting the hair at an angle can lead to split ends afterwards.
After every snip, stop and comb the area down to evaluate and ensure it is even.

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